In Session.


marked the first day back to school for Hillsborough and Polk County.

means that we will have roadways crowded with buses and parents
driving their kids to school or picking them up in the afternoon.
Please remember to drive safely, stay far enough back from school
buses as they stop often and watch out for kids walking to school.
There have been many efforts to reduce costs associated with
transportation of kids to school by all school districts. This means
that more kids are having to walk or ride bikes to school than in
years past. So watch out for them.

all of that said now comes the good news to hikers. Many people find
that they have time off during the school week, either by the nature
of their work, or the type of schedule they have. This time off when
kids are in school provides for open parks and trails to hike upon.
It also marks the begining of the end of summer hiking. Already our days
are growing shorter and soon temperatures will begin to decrease
bringing more pleasant days and cooler nights. Soon camping will
pleasant in Florida.

as Florida’s hiking season starts to move into full swing, parts of
the North are winding down their hiking seasons. It won’t be long before
snow begins to fall in the great white north and then snow trails for sking become
the attraction. Hiking bundled up will become popular as sightseers
look for the changing of leaves from lush green to alluring hues of
red, orange, and amber. We will start to see those changes in some of
our trees in Florida as early as December some three months later than most of
the nation.

that have been water logged in Florida for much of the late summer
will begin to dry up as fall approaches and changes into winter.
Moist but firm soil will give birth to wildflower blooms that will
sustain bees, butterflies, and other nectur feeders till
blossoms appear again. The sun will move further
south in it’s path across the sky creating longer shadows than it’s
summer course.

are definately approaching teriffic weather that causes
procrastinators to loose their excuses for getting outside. In the
words of Aaron Phillips from Naked and Affraid, “Get outside.”
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